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March 24, 2011

What we did today...

I saved a few empty egg cartons and we made this craft today. My kids loved it, but then again, they like anything that has to do with bugs! We used the cut up egg carton to show the life cycle of a butterfly...
1. one section is the egg
2. five sections made the caterpillar
3. just drew the cocoon
4. three section made the butterfly
I let them color and decorate each section as they liked. I also attached pipe cleaners for the antennae on the caterpillar and butterfly. The finished product is very cute, and my kids feel very proud of what they created. Here are all the supplies we used:
  • construction paper
  • two empty egg crates
  • washable markers
  • pipe cleaners
  • glue
  • scissors
I am hoping to purchase a butterfly garden for them this weekend and order the caterpillars. Then they will be able to watch the "real thing"! :) So thankful that it is spring!!!

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