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March 08, 2011

Bring on Spring

Well, no baking today...unless you count cooking dinner tonight. Today has been dreary and chilly here, but I guess those days are to be expected in March. However, my boys simply can't wait for spring and planting the garden and flowers. So we decided to just make our own flower garden inside this afternoon. I basically came up with this with what I happened to have on hand. All we used was:
  • plain white cupcake cups
  • green pipe cleaners
  • green fun foam (or construction paper)
  • washable markers
  • cup of water
  • paint brush
  • craft glue or hot glue gun
Start by letting the kids scribble color a cupcake holder. Once they are completely done coloring "paint" over the marker to create a tye-dye look using the water and paint brush. Be careful to not use too much water! Cut leaves out of the fun foam or construction paper. My boys added bugs to their leaves...of course!! Once everything is dry, and it doesn't take too long, glue everything together.

Even my boys thought this craft was great. But like I said, they definitely put their own twist on it...my five year old made a venus fly trap complete with bugs on leaves for it to eat! :) I LOVE boys!!! :)

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  1. We are SO doing those this week!!! LOVE that you are posting crafts now!!